Tweet Product Search Extension Features


The Tweet Product Search Magento extension makes use of the Twitter search API using OAuth and Tiwtter API v1.1 for collecting tweets about your products using any search terms that Twitter's search accepts. This extension creates a relation between the Twitter search API and Magento products to display tweets on the products you want, from the searches queries you provide for them. Each product will stay updated with fresh tweets and a unique search term at a update frequency you can configure. Depending on server resources, and twitter rate limits, you can potentially keep thousands of products updated with fresh tweets, and unique search terms every day. Once you have created the relation between a twitter search term, and a product you want to display those tweets on, you can further customize how and what tweets are displayed to the customer on your website, and on which products/pages their displayed on.

As a result of using the Twitter search API to get tweets, there are many different things this extension can do to customize the search query of tweets you want to fit the niche your looking for in your products and other pages. In addition to the power of the search API for basic search queries about you products, you can also create searches for hash tags, and users by simply making the search query #magento or @magento instead of a typical search query. The ramifications of this is that, you have even more possibilities for what you do with this extension, you could create a search on a product, that follows a single user or a search that follows a single hash tag. For more information, see the Twitter's search operators, below the search bar for all the ways you can customize your search query to fit your products.

Tweet Product Search is compatible with Magento version 1.6.x, 1.7.x and 1.8.x.

Increase Your SEO

Help your business gain new customers by taking advantage of the many ways you can create Twitter search queries to target the tweets you want. Add to that, each product can have enabled a "more tweets" page, that will help your SEO by getting content linked better to the keywords you want your product to be associated with.

New Marketing Potentials

See why everyone is jumping on the social media bandwagon so quick. Social media is the new way to reach out to many potential customers that may of never heard of your products, if not for social media.

Tweet Product Search Product Block

This extension will add a block to your product layout, that displays tweets associated with the search term you want for that product as described above. You may customize what tweets get displayed, as well as the block title, and several other options to get the product displaying just the tweets right your want. See Our Showcase for a better idea of how this block looks on a product page.

Tweet Product Search Widget

Add your own customized widgets to relate to searches associated with a product to be displayed anywhere else on your site. The only requirement is product must have a search associated with it before doing so. If no product matches this criteria, the default search will be used. See Our Showcase for a better idea of how you could put this on any Magento CMS pages..Just like with the product block can be customized, you can optionally customize each widget display by passing several different variables to configure the display of the widget. This assures that the widget will always display how you want it, and with tweets from the product you want in the widget.

Tweet Product Search "More Tweets" Page

If enabled, the Tweet Product Search Block will display a "More Tweets" link at the bottom of the block, to a "more tweets page" on your Magento store for each search query you have defined. This link can display up to 5000 historical tweets on it. associated with every search query you have created.

Easy Adding Of New Searches

Built with speed in mind, Tweet Product Search makes it a very simple process to create or edit search queries on all your products with an admin interface built just for speed.

Highly Customizable

Tweet Product Search has it's own CSS file, so you can easily customize the appearance of all aspects of the block. The extension also includes separate template files for each Product Block/Widget/More Tweets page, that you can use to further customize the look and feel, if needed.

Localization Of Tweet Data

Pick the language your wish to get your tweets in. This is useful for preventing foreign languages in tweets, so your customers always know what the tweets are about.

Customize Number Of Tweets To Display On Each Block/Widget

For the Product Block and the Widget, the number of tweets to display can be customized on a per-product and per-widget basis. For the more tweets page, you may configure a single number of tweets that you want displayed on the page.

Customize Result Types For Each Search

Customize what tweet data you get back from Twitter for each search, by defining what type of tweets you want returned.

Filterable Tweet Display

Get more information about the tweets being pulled and displayed on your Magento store for each of your products you have searches setup for, by filtering down to the data you want.

Ban List For Unwanted Tweets

You can optionally ban user's tweets from showing up ever again on your website. The ban list works by banning the user associated with any tweet you select.

Export Tweets To CSV/Excel

Options to export tweets as CSV/Excel formats. Gives you ability to filter the export you create down to the finest details, such as by product, or by user or even tweet. This is highly effective analytic data when targeting your tweet searches to relevant search terms. We ask if you use this feature, that you will not violate the Twitter API Terms of Service that prohibits exporting twitter content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service.

Block Caching System

Have a lot of products, and want them to run fast? If you have your block cache enabled and the Tweet Product Search cache, all the blocks,widgets, and pages provided in this extension will make use of the Magento block cache, so if the block cache is turned on, your blocks will be cached.

Update Tweets With Cron

All tweets product searches will be updated with a cron job every time the magneto Cron is ran. You may customize how many products get updated every time cron is run. Additionally, you can define how many tweets get updated on each search. And lastly, you can optionally define a set time period before your search gets updated.

Works On Every Type Of Product

Simple products, grouped products, bundled products, virtual products, downloadable products all support having searches associated with them.

Advanced Twitter API connection settings

Behind a firewall? That's okay, you can use our experimental proxy connection support to pull tweets!